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Dan, Michelle & Family

One of our very happiest days: 2 August 1981. Our Darling Michelle Marries Dan

Dan met Michelle at Hillel while both were studying at Cal Northridge and, on 2 August 1981, they married in a traditional ceremony led by Rabbi Steven Jacobs. Michelle taught school while Dan opened a sound studio in Hollywood. Michelle has continued teaching, receiving her Masters in Mathematics (see below) and has earned the highest national honors for her work. Dan entered advertising and formed a successful venture which was initially known as LA Ads.

On 21 March 1986, they were blessed with the birth of daughter, Erica and three years later, 19 May 1989, Joelle was born.

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On 4 June 2004, Michelle, ever adding to her achievements, received her Masters Degree in Mathematics from California University at Northridge. Her proud family was with her, as was Susan Katz from Tennessee.

Over the years, Dan has deeloped successful verntures in advertising. His first venture was to create LA Ads, an agency tailored to the then slowing economy. Later, he and Don Potter creeated the Potter/Katz agency. Aftr having founded an aviation business (see tag above), Dan has once again returned to advertising, taking up the name of his first agency: LA Ads Click on photo for enlargement

On Aug 14, 07, Michelle, Dan, Joelle, Erica, Tina & Paul, with Mom & Dad Katz, celebrated Michelle's 48th birthday [two days in advance of the real date]. Click on the sound icon to play the audio.

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