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Marjorie's 80th Birthday

Of all things she loves most...is her family. So, on Saturday 5 Feb 05, her family celebrated her birthday at the Cafe Bizou. It was a happy festive time with Charlotte and Alan, Susie and Howard, Tina, Reva and Paul, Michelle, Erica and Dan (Joelle was at Girl Scout camp). The photos below tell part of the story.

While waiting for our table, Marj enjoys a "Fuzzy Navel" with Michelle Ellis reads a loving note from Susan just before she and Ron call on the cell phone ...And, as Ron and Susan asked, all raised their Champaign glasses to toast Marj. Shortly after, Herb, Marj's brother, called from Rome to toast Marj's birthday

Of course, no birthday is complete without a special birthday cake for the "Girly Girl"


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