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Paul & Tina

One of our very happiest days: 22 Oct 1989. Our Darling Tina Marries Paul

Each and every year, Tina & Paul throw their own Gala Annmiversay Party for all the family and friends
First Photo Ever Of Our Darling Tina With Paul
This Very Happy Couple Live Their Lives To The Fullest!

Happy Time in Hawaii o6

...and here's Paul doing the Malibu triathalon Sep 14, 2003

...and here's Paul doing the Memphis triathalon May 12 2004...Ron narrating

Click on.... Bar... to see Tina's Party for Paul on 20th Anniversary of Passing the Bar !

Click on.... Tonga... to see Paul and Tina frollicking with the whales in Tonga!

Click on.... Bash... to see Tina & Paul's 17th Anniversary Bash !

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