Tina's Award

In the LA Public Defender's Office, Tina is the STAR PARALEGAL. She continues reciving accolades and awards, a sample of her outstanding work is given below:

In December 2012, Tina prepared a Brief to be submitted to the California Supreme Court (an "amicus" letter)
appealing what Tina considered a miscarriage of justice by a lower court against one of her clients.

Severzl months later, following acceptance by the Supreme Court of Tina's filing, her "boss" issued an office letter saying the following:

"Is it prosecutorial misconduct for the DA to show the jury part of an iconic image to illustrate proof beyond a reasonable doubt? People v. Otero says yes. The Court of Appeal said no. Then the fabulous paralegal Tina Katz blasted off an amicus letter to the California Supreme Court (OK, I signed it). Of course the Supremes< granted review. While this is pending, thank Tina and cite Otero."