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One of our very happiest days: 24 June 1973. Our Darling Susan Marries Ron

When Ron returned from Viet Nam in 1970, he set out across country to visit kin folk and finish up his service in Savannah. After Savannah, he visited cousins in Memphis where he met our Darling Susan and, on 24 June 1973, they were married in the Baron de Hirsch Synagogue. Susan taught school while Ron was successfully engaged in several enterprises: Truck Brokerage, Video Stores, and Bond Brokerage. On 24 Jan 1978, Byron came into the world, followed several years later, 1981, by Elysa on Jan 7. As they prospered, they built a beautiful large home in Germantown (outside Memphis) and, most recently, with Byron and Elysa married (see links), they bought retirement property in Nova Scotia. As shown in the last photo, Ron is currently Vespa "King" of Memphis and Susan has gone back to teaching.

On the 24th of June 2005, Susan and Ron celebrated their 32nd anniversary. And, it was only a month earlier that they became the happy grandparents (can you believe that?) of Cameron, the beautiful son of Susanne and Byron. And...to celebrate our happy couple's anniversary, Byron, Susanne and Cameron came driving in from Atlanta on that special celebration day!. Here's the new "grandma" with Cameron.

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