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Our Roots

Our Family has been Blessed by the Lives and Values of our Parents, Their Parents, and...All Who Came Before. In this limited space, it is Our Wish to Honor Them, to Remember Them, and to Pass On to Those Who Follow, the Great Heritage They Leave Us....

Our lives are the products of our loving parents and their parents.
Ethel Miller [Katz] on the front steps of her 10th St home in Chattanooga Leah Schulman [Blumberg] with her billy goat in Livingston, Ala
Photo of the Schulman family in Livingston, Alabama about 1903. Leah (Marj's mother) is seated on the steps in front of Grandfather Max Schulman. The house was once the home of a Confederate general
Grandmother Bertha and Grandfather Max Schulman taken at their wedding in Livingston Grandfather Ben Miller, usually referred to by his lodge brothers as "Old Reliable Ben" Grandmother Rose Miller Grandfather Elias R. Katz [Unknown source of this image...possibly done by one of my grandfather's pawn shop patrons]

The 1900 U.S. Census for the city of Chattanooga, Tennessee, showing my maternal Grandfather, Ben (as he was known), my Grandmother, Rueal (sp?), their three sons, Charlie, Ike, & Harry and daughters Lena & Ethel (my mother) The 1910 U.S. Census for the city of Fort Worth, Texas, showing my paternal Grandfather, Elias (sp?), and his three sons as residing on East 5th St. Note that my father's name is given as "Rudolph" (although I believe it should have read "Reuben"), Jack is shown as "Jacob", and Irving as "Isadore". I do not know why my Grandmother's name is missing…perhaps she came over after 1910?